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Speed Critiques

Feeling stuck trying to pick between a few photos? Hit a creative roadblock when you're trying to choose photos for your new website? Then a Speed Critique is perfect for you! Tyler will dive into your work and help you make tough choices. By getting an outside perspective, you can speed up your important image selection process.
30 minute online critique session

Personal Critiques

Ready to take your work to the next level and attract clients who value your vision? Then, a Personal Critique is perfect for you! Every photographer benefits from feedback on their work. It's a great way to grow and improve! When you sign up for a Personal Critique, you'll get Tyler's helpful and candid input on your photographs. During your session, Tyler will spend one hour with you online critiquing a full wedding, blog post, or collection of photos. You'll walk away with new insights on your strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to take on new challenges!
One hour online critique session

Online Mentoring with Tyler Wirken

Want to learn from the comfort of your own home or studio? Then online mentoring may be the perfect fit for you! As photographers, we all need to have our work critiqued. It's a wonderful way to improve your vision. Tyler will personalize each session, so you can discuss the unique challenges you're facing. Whether it's reviewing your latest wedding, doing a portfolio review, or asking for technical guidance, Tyler will be your personal mentor.
90-minute online mentoring session

Shoot with You Wirkshop

Want a second shooter who is there to coach you before, during, and after your next shoot? Then a Shoot With You Wirkshop is perfect for you! Tyler will come to you and shoot alongside you. Includes a mentor session before and after. He'll arrive a day before the shoot to help you create a pre-shoot game plan. Then, he'll shoot alongside you and help you improve. The next day you'll critique images together. Then, Tyler will work with you to select images for a blog post and client presentation. Travel included. (Schedule permitting; within the continental US)
On-site one-on-one mentoring

1-on-1 Personal Wirkshop

Want a personal workshop PLUS an inside look into Tyler's studio operations? Then a 1-on-1 Personal Wirkshop is for you! You'll be welcomed into our Kansas City studio and work with Tyler for two days. The first day, you'll focus on shooting techniques, composition, light and moment. On the second day, we'll take a closer look at your individual work by practicing in the field and doing a portfolio review. Travel not included. (Schedule permitting; within the continental US)
On-site one-on-one mentoring